We were asked to develop the image of the brand "la maison du chou". we designed the logo, the typography and the packaging. This project was a great challenge, we had to create a traditional french pastries brand. Like the vintage parisian brands in 1920/1950

The choux à la crème (cream puffs) regain an artisanal and traditional feel at la Maison du Chou, chef Manuel Martinez’s  pastry shop. Showcasing the chou in a limited number of flavors, this pastry shop follows the worn-out trend of offering a single product, as well as the more recent trend of presenting sober products in their raw state.
We were asked to develop their image. It had reflect the traditional french Pastries, the sobriety and the quality of product. The branding and the packaging is inspired by the parisian 1920/1940 French art Nouveau.
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